Batman: Arkham Knight only £17.99 on PS4/XO

Surely it’s about time you finished off Rocksteady’s excellent Batman trilogy? These tasty £17.99 PS4 and Xbox One deals also come with the Harley Quinn DLC.

Is it any good? Well, here’s a short version of my Batman : Arkham Knight review“Rocksteady and Batman is a combination we’ll sorely miss. Their trilogy ends on a high though, with a refinement of their excellent Freeflow combat and Predator modes. The Batmobile is a somewhat mixed experience, but its heart is in the right place. Our much-awaited tour of the city of Gotham was a gorgeous sight to behold and an unforgettable goodbye.” Be sure to check out these articles too: Batman: Arkham Knight’s Batmobile – Brilliant fun or a legacy betrayed?and Why Rocksteady quitting Batman after Arkham Knight is the right choice. Or maybe The Art of Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham Asylum, Arkham City & Arkham Knight (Book Review).

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