Play all of Battlefield 1 for FREE this weekend on Xbox One

Xbox One owners with an Xbox Live Gold subscription can take advantage of an excellent deal this weekend by playing as much Battlefield 1 as they can. Unlike most free trial weekends, it would seem you get to play the entire game (paid DLC aside of course).

Simply fire up your Xbox One, and make your way over to the store and search for the game. Or you might find it under your Games with Gold section and it’ll be just to the right of your current freebies. You’ll want to start the download as soon as possible as it’s just over 60GB in size (remember: ethernet cable will be faster than Wi-Fi). On the plus side, you can start playing before it’s fully downloaded. I was able to start the campaign around the halfway mark.

You can then enjoy free access for the rest of the weekend. Presumably, that means until midnight on Sunday. I was skeptical that this would include the whole campaign, but I’ve rattled through all of the ‘tank’ chapters last night and have been able to continue further today. So, short version, we reckon you can smash through the whole¬†campaign this weekend if you’re up for a proper session. And I’d urge you to give it a shot as the campaign is a huge improvement over the ones in the dreadful Battlefield 3 and 4. We’re getting closer to the Bad Company days again, people.

Of course, you can’t talk about Battlefield 1 without talking about multiplayer. The WW1 setting offers a change of pace from modern military shooters, plus there are horses that enable you to charge enemies with a sword (not great against tanks though). So dive in and see if you enjoy it.

For gamers not too bothered about multiplayer we think this is a great chance to enjoy the campaign for free if you can finish it before the free weekend expires. If you do end up enjoying the multiplayer, there are offers to buy various editions of the game on the Xbox Live store running until the end of the month. Any progress you make in the campaign or multiplayer will be carried over too. If you’re quick, you still might be able to buy Battlefield 1 for ¬£17.99 at Game, which is the cheapest option around.

Right, I’m off to get this single-player finished.

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