Battlefield: Hardline only £11.99 today on PS4, XO and PC

Battlefield: Hardline turned out way better than we originally hoped and features the best campaign mode since the Bad Company days. The servers are a wee bit quieter nowadays, but you should still be able to find enough people to enjoy the online side of the game. The online cops vs robbers online gameplay makes for a nice change. The console versions are currently on sale at £11.99, compared to £15+ elsewhere. CD Keys have a decent price going on PC too.

Hardline’s campaign mode puts you in the shoes of an LA Cop in a faux-episodic take on the shooter series. Sure you can spot every back-stabbing a mile off, but the performances from some reassuringly familiar faces ensure you’ll stick with it. The multiplayer side of the game lacks that huge open-ground feel of the usual Battlefield games, but there’s some co-ordinated cops vs robbers modes to enjoy in teams and the vehicular hotwire mode is heaps of fun. Check out Battlefield: Hardline Review – Campaign brings home the bacon or our Battlefield: Hardline Multiplayer Tips for more details.

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