Coffin Dodgers Review

Written by Pete Gallagher.

Coffin Dodgers is the latest in a long line of Karting games that try to bring home a Mario Kart type experience for those with a non-Nintendo console.  Unfortunately this clunky Karter stalls on its first lap.

There’s a thin line between old school and old fashioned and sadly coffin dodgers reeks of the latter. The set up is uninspired and feels like it was something that belongs in a mid 90s Amiga game. Death descends on the quiet old folks of sunny falls and they challenge him to a Kart race. If Death wins he gets to keep their souls or something.

coffin-dodgers review

The premise is bad the execution is even worse. Graphically the game looks rough and there are some appalling physics going on when your racer is thrown from their kart which happens frequently.  Sound effects and music miss the mark too with the same old annoying song being repeated constantly and you can even hear where the gap is where it’s supposed to loop. Very shoddy.

Of course all this is not necessarily a huge problem if it delivered in the gameplay stakes.  Here too though it falls flat. You are given a choice of eight different characters who share the same handling and melee attack. The melee strike can be charged up for a more powerful hit but it’s so tricky to pull off that I found simply spamming the Circle button was more effective.

This Road Rash style aspect is enjoyable to an extent for a few minutes at a time, but there’s no depth there. Everything in the game feels so by the numbers and uninspired I was left wanting to blow the dust off my Wii U and break out Mario Kart U, rather than play this much longer.

coffin dodgers multiplayer

The multiplayer part of the game is more successful and fun within the boundaries it’s operating in. Certainly trying to knock the crap out of your friends while you jet around has its moments and it’s in this way that the game succeeds in being entertaining.

Overall the game has its moments of fun especially in multiplayer but the single player experience leaves a lot to be desired. If you don’t own a Wii U and want a decent multiplayer karting experience, you should check out the two Sonic and Sega All-Stars games on the last-gen machines. Already bled them dry?  Then Coffin Dodgers could be for you. For the rest of us though you’re better off breaking out Mario Kart and consigning this game to an early grave.


Formats: PS4 (reviewed) | Xbox One

Written by Pete Gallagher.

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