Goodbye, Dealspwn. Hello,

Hello there! Thanks for coming to take a look at Many of you are probably wondering what happened with the old site,

As mentioned on our farewell post back at Dealspwn, the site closed at the end of 2015. With funding pulled, Carl and I were effectively out of a job. All was not lost though, as the site’s owners generously asked if we would be interested in taking over ownership of the site to see if we could make any money from it ourselves, after the regular running costs.

That very nearly happened, but there were too many unknowns and it was all a bit last minute. Dealspwn would have needed a lot of work. It wasn’t mobile-friendly, which effectively meant we weren’t Google-friendly – a nightmare for any gaming site wanting to grow its audience. There were multiple background bugs in the site that experienced devs in the owner’s network were baffled by or simply didn’t have the time to fix. So I decided that a brand new site would allow me to build things from the ground up, hopefully making it easier to spot any bugs and add new elements as needed. It also meant I’d have to spend a few weeks re-signing affiliate partners for the site to make any money.

The fact you’re reading this, is probably due to my previous employers at Dealspwn graciously allowing me to keep the Twitter, Facebook and subscriber email list and rebrand them as GamesMoviesDeals.

So what about the site itself? The name change is one I hope you’ll find more pronounceable than Dealspwn. will do what it says on the tin. If you’ve been with us for a while, you’ll be happy to know we’re going to continue to bring you the best online deals for games and consoles. Movie and TV material will play also play a part now too, as we aim to bring you the hottest Blu-ray and DVD deals. And just like our gaming coverage, we’ll bring you reviews and features on them too.

I’ll be experimenting with how to display everything in the site’s layout and menus, so if you’ve no interest in the movie side of the site, it won’t be in the way. Hopefully you’ll find the final layout better than the old blog list format.

While the site’s online now, there are still a few things to sort out with the layout and a few technical elements behind the scenes. I’m hoping to really get going at the start of February and can’t wait to introduce you to some new staff writers. All things considered, things are way ahead of schedule from starting with pen and paper earlier this month.

Naturally, if you have any feedback, ideas or spot any glitches, do let us know in the comments, or via the Contact Us box below. And yes, we’re still looking for some extra staff.

Thanks for sticking with us through what has been a bit of a shit time in the closing months of 2015. We hope you’ll continue to come to us for cheap deals or to check out our reviews and feature pieces.

Brendan Griffiths

One thought on “Goodbye, Dealspwn. Hello,

  • 26th January 2016 at 7:38 pm

    Good to hear the new site is live. I always looked forward to reading the daily round-up email after getting in from the day job. Was good to see another in the inbox when I got in this evening. All the best with the new site. I’ll certainly continue to be a regular visitor. Will give a shout out on twitter once things are back in full swing.


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