Let's Play… Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition – Adventure Mode

Let's Play... Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition - Adventure ModeThe new Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition has been devouring our time lately. After getting back from my hols I’ve finally been able to finish the campaign mode which, as players of the original version will know, has meant the Adventure mode has finally unlocked.

This part of Diablo III’s end-game sees you tasked with bounties or killcount targets to bring in some seriously fat XP and gold rewards, not to mention all sorts of shiny loot. Blood Shards are rare rewards too and also a new currency that allows you to gamble for some exceptionally rare items.

So, take a look at my new video and see some early missions and bounties I take on during my first day with Adventure mode. This is also where you earn keystone fragments to unlock the raid-like Rift missions. We’ll have some coverage of those soon, although I’m wondering if I had better hit Lv. 70 first.

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