The best Far Cry: Primal multiformat preorders

Far Cry: Primal launches February 23rd, so you’ll want to consider locking your preorder down for one of the year’s most interesting looking titles. Let’s take a look at the best prices across the formats. GAME’s preorder code comes to the rescue again today, bringing the console price down to £38.69. That’s the best price on the market and it’s a Special Edition with some extra in-game content to enjoy. PC users have a better deal elsewhere and should grab a 5% discount by going to the seller’s Facebook page.

Far Cry: Primal is the ambitious upcoming first-person action title from Ubisoft. Unlike past entries in the series, Primal heads back to the Stone Age. You control a tribesman, looking to gain control of new areas for your tribe. You’ll have to defend your people from rival tribes while cobbling together primitive weapons. Oh, and you’ll be able to tame local animals and use them to help. Summonable wolves and eagles? Sign us up.

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