How to be Single Review

Written by Emma White.

When we think of being single we may think of the dominant species – men in their prime, going out and breaking young girl’s hearts like they do. Director Christian Ditter’s take on being single is rather different showing you that ‘girls just wanna have fun’ too.

Breaking up with her boyfriend temporarily in the hope of self-discovery, Alice (Dakota Johnson) joins singlehood and moves in with her sister Meg, played by the talented Leslie Mann, in New York. She befriends Robin, (Rebel Wilson) a crazy wild-child who may as well take up being single as her profession. She introduces Alice to the crazy nightlife New York has to offer and teaches her the basic steps of how to be single which may as well be get as drunk as you can and go home with anyone who is still willing to.


The chick flick teaches you that’s there’s a right way to be single and a wrong way. I suppose you can make your own mind up as to what that is. The movie follows four single women, all of who have different stories and lead different lives. Meg plays the older woman of the four and delivering babies everyday becomes all too much for her. Deciding to do it alone she uses a sperm donor showing us girls that it can in fact be done alone. Who needs men?

Then you have Lucy, (Alison Brie) a typical single girl who is longing to find the man of her dreams. She’s the sort of girl that sticks to a checklist; dark hair, 6.2, good job. Desperate to find anyone to spend her time with, she’s on ten different dating websites blinded by the fact that Tom (Anders Holm), the commitment phoebe bartender, is falling for her. So scared of commitment until admitting his feelings, he even turns off his water pipes in his apartment so that desperately hungover and thirsty girls would leave in the morning.


The only real laughs are reserved for when Rebel Wilson is on the screen, which should have been more often. Robin is the single girl that everyone wants to be, she’s the girl that makes you want to be single for all the right reasons. Hitting the town every night and drinking her own bodyweight in alcohol, Robin leads the singles lady’s life sleeping around and not having a care in the world. One of the rules she teaches us is never buy your own drink. That’s what men are for.

This naughty rom-com is easy for a few light-hearted laughs and a tug on the emotional rollercoaster, but maybe just the once. The film ends [SPOILERS] with two of the women in relationships and two still single. After all the man drama one finally feels happy being alone, focussing on herself and doing it for us girls. Girl Power.


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