Lego Avengers multi-format launch deals guide

So Lego Avengers has just launched and we’re here to make sure you find the cheapest price for a copy on your choice of platform. We’ve even rounded up some international options for our US cousins.

This PC deal is astonishingly cheap and is compatible worldwide. Grab a 5% discount by going to the seller’s Facebook page.

Sadly, the US console prices are a bit higher than we’d like, but we expect retailers to start snipping a few dollars off soon to gain the edge over their rivals. Do let us know if you find anything cheaper.

Stay tuned, I’ll have a review of Lego Avengers on PS4 for you soon. I can tell you that the main campaign lasts about seven hours, but there are lots of bonus and side levels to play and then there’s the grind towards that 100% goal to keep you going. The Lego humour is a brilliant fit with the Avengers movies and fans will enjoy the jokes and references. It’s not as glitchy as Lego Jurassic World, but there are still some annoying rough edges. Business as usual really.

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