Relive The Matrix Trilogy on Blu-ray for just £8.99

Ever wondered how the Matrix Trilogy has held up over the years? At £8.99 on Blu-ray we think it’s worth a shot. If you can be bothered setting up a new account, try using the code ‘WELCOME’ for a further 10% off. You’re generally looking at £12+ elsewhere.

The first film still impresses today and for many of us, is why we originally bought a DVD player (or maybe a PS2) all those years ago. The following films were a bit of a mess story wise, but the action scenes are incredibly elaborate and worth the price of admission alone. The Wachowskis have struggled to match scenes like this ever since. Not that Channing Tatum air-ice-skating wasn’t hilariously brilliant in Jupiter Ascending. Given Hollywood’s obsession over reboots, we’re surprised the Matrix IP has been dormant for so long…

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