Metal Gear Solid V down to £19.99 on PS4/XO again

MGSV hasn’t been this cheap since January so act fast if you want to save a few quid over the next best deals. As this is the Day One Edition (yep, still available all these months later) you’ll also get the following DLC items:  Adam-ska special, silver personal ballistic shield, wetland cardboard box and the blue urban fatigues outfit.

Hideo Kojima’s grand finale has been praised by fans and critics alike. Just don’t let Konami sell you any base insurance (you’ll see). You’ll need to put aside some serious time for this one, but at £19.99, you’re getting incredible value for money. Play it now and then point and laugh at Konami for letting Kojima-san go. We can’t wait to see what he’s got planned for the future.

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