You’ll need to buy a PS4 camera for PlayStation VR – here are the best deals

There’s a lot of talk today about Sony’s release date and pricing for their new headset, PlayStation VR. But they’re being a bit quiet about the part where you NEED to have the PS4 camera in order for the headset to work. So far, Game are the only ones offering a camera/PSVR bundle, which is pretty good value compared to buying them separately. Gamers have been snapping up the solus camera in crazy numbers since the announcements last night, so you may want to grab one soonish before the prices go up. If you get one early you can use it now on a few Move titles, The Playroom and for Twitch broadcasting. These are the best UK deals and there’s a decent US offer too.

The PlayStation VR headset is set to launch in October for £350/$400. Once again the UK gets screwed on the conversion rate ($400 is around £284). You might want to keep an eye out for some cheap PS Move controllers too, although you’ll be able to use the lightbar on your DualShock 4 in their absence.

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