PlayStation Plus games announced for March

Now that we know what’s coming to Microsoft’s Games With Gold next month, let’s take a look at the game’s coming to PlayStation Plus and the Instant Game Collection. You already know one of them is Broforce, thanks to our early call a few days ago. So, from March 1st…

It’s all about Broforce this month if I’m honest. I got my hands on an early build a few years ago and it was pretty damn good then, so I can’t wait to get stuck into its 80s action movie-inspired shootery goodness. Galak-Z looks like a fun retro shooter, but it’s probably not as much fun as Super Stardust HD, but I imagine most people already own that one. Can’t say I’ve got much enthusiasm for The Last Guy (vaguely remember not enjoying the demo a few years ago) and Flame Over won’t have me rushing to find my Vita charger. As for Reality Fighters, I scored it 5/10  in my review in 2012. So yeah, Broforce or bust.

If you’re in need of a PlayStation Plus membership top-up, the cheapest online option is for a year is £34.19 here after including the Facebook discount. US readers, can get a membership for $42.74 at the same using the aforementioned FB discount.

Don’t forget to download the current IGC titles before February 29th:

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