Star Wars: Battlefront latest deals

[Update: PS4, XO and PC versions now even cheaper]

Now the box office buzz has started to wear off, we can expect to see the price of Star Wars: Battlefront drop. Actually, we’ve got a brace of sub-£30 deals for physical copies of the game on PS4 and Xbox One. US gamers are better off opting for a download code on PS4 as it’s even cheaper. Or maybe the Deluxe Edition with Han Solo fridge, which is still available for $89.99. We’ve included the best PC deal of the day too.

UK Disc copy

US/UK Digital copy*

Don’t forget to grab your 5% discount by going to the seller’s Facebook page.

^Note: The digital PS4 deal is for a US PSN code. Players outside of the US can set up a US PSN account for free (just Google it). Although, if you’re considering buying any Battlefront DLC in the future, it’ll have to be a US code/download too, but we imagine the same site will have some decent offers on the Season Pass.

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