Tearaway: Unfolded cheaper than ever at £9.99 on PS4

Despite running a very tempting £10.44 deal earlier this week, I just know some of you are stubbornly waiting for it to dip under the £10 barrier. Odd behaviour for sure, but I totally get it. So here you go, £9.99 at last!

Want to know more? Then check out my full review of Tearaway: Unfolded. Short on time? Here’s the short version: Tearaway Unfolded has found a new home on the PS4 and contains plenty of new ways to use the DualShock 4 for unique in-game interactions. It’s still worth owning if you’ve played the Vita version too. Difficulty is nicely balanced for players of all abilities and there are lots of collectibles for completionists to find.

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