The best Just Cause 3 multiformat deals

Just Cause 3 is taking a while to drop in price since it’s release in December. On the plus side, we’ve rounded up the best US and UK prices on the net, mainly thanks to a few voucher codes.

PC gamers can get a great deal at £18.95/$27. Grab a 5% discount by going to the seller’s Facebook page.

Check out my full Just Cause 3 review for the lowdown on the game. Or read the short version: Long load times, sluggish frame-rate and awful shooting would usually be the end of an action game. Just Cause 3 just about gets away with it though thanks to the hugely open approach to carnage with the likes of grappling hooks, parachutes, wingsuits, rocket launchers, infinite C4, tanks, choppers and the freedom to do whatever you want with them.

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