Top five: The best PlayStation VR games

Written by Jonathan Lester.

Just bought a PlayStation VR headset? Tempted to take the plunge, but want to make sure that you’ve got some great games to play on your new hardware?

Here are the five essential games that make the most of Sony’s new system.

5: RIGS: Mechanised Combat League

RIGS will blow your mind. Or make you blow chunks. Probably both.

Multi-tasking in fast cars is part of my day job, so I don’t get motion sickness easily. But this gorgeous fast-paced mech shooter made me very nauseous until I spent half an hour messing about with the comfort aids and control schemes.

After a little tinkering, however, you’ll find a properly exhilarating arena shooter that really makes you feel like you’re strapped to an enormous killer robot. It’s gloriously immersive and deserved to be a major hit rather than Guerrilla Cambridge’s swan song. Hopefully, you’ll find someone to play with online (and don’t have to mop your lunch off the carpet).

4: Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

Until Dawn: Rush Of Blood was nearly my pick for first place. This madcap lightgun ghost train manages to be both empowering and scary, making you feel like a dual-wielding zombie-gibbing badass one second and then making you cack your drawers the next with some masterful jump scares. The fact that PlayStation Move lets you aim each boomstick with pixel perfect precision makes it one of the best lightgun games of all time and a VR title for the ages.

So why fourth place, then? Put simply, you need two PlayStation Move controllers. I can’t recommend you spend your hard-earned cash on those overpriced luminous sex aids in good conscience.

However, if you’ve already got two Move controllers, get on it.

3: Thumper

Thumper is bonkers. It’s a bit like Guitar Hero, except you’re a space beetle hurtling along a rollercoaster track that leads directly into Cthulhu’s tentactular butthole.

Erm, so, there’s that.

More importantly, Thumper is also a great example of how virtual reality can improve existing games. PSVR delivers an incredible sense of speed and scale as you gaze down into the infinite cosmos and bosses the size of small towns loom overhead. Better yet, the more intimate view actually helps you see incoming obstacles and will improve your performance. It’s barking mad, but a must-buy for your new headset.

2: Rez Infinite

Every gamer has to play Rez at least once in their lives. This remastered PS2 classic is a rite of passage, a glorious merging of art and sound and meaning that becomes utterly transcendent in Virtual Reality. Real reality doesn’t even come close. Fear is the mind killer.

Sorry, that was pretentious wankery even for me. In other words, Rez is a drop dead gorgeous rail shooter that’s a perfect fit for PSVR. The bold colours and wild art design looks fantastic through the visor, while its gameplay becomes even more exciting.

Yes, Rez Infinite is a bit pricey, but it also contains a brand new mode, 1080/60 visuals and… did I mention that every gamer has to play Rez at least once? Good.

Honourable Mentions

Battlezone: Fun, frantic and highly replayable tank combat, but ridiculously skinny at full price. Throw in microtransactions and you’ve got a ‘good deal or no thanks’ situation. At least a post-Christmas patch has sorted out the stupid difficulty curve.

PlayStation VR Worlds: Hilariously poor value at full price, but the undersea minigames alone are a sensational way of introducing your friends and family to virtual reality.

Here They Lie: Generic boring sick-making horror shite. Avoid. Here They Lie makes Layers of Fear look like Resident Evil VII.

Speaking of which…

1: Resident Evil VII

Welcome to the PSVR family, son!

In all seriousness, Resident Evil VII is by far the best game in the series – no, really, it is – at least if you’re looking for a proper horror experience. When experienced in PlayStation VR, though, Resi VII becomes one of the best horror games ever made.

VR gives you a horrible sense of being right there in that horrible house surrounded by things that want you dead or worse. Yes, the gorgeous graphics take a great big hit and there are some silly clipping issues from time to time, but Resi VII is proof that big budget games can be absolutely magnificent with Sony’s headset.

Here’s hoping for some more big-budget collaborations. Roll on Ace Combat VII!

Written by Jonathan Lester.

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