Xbox One Console – Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Bundle – £208.59

[UPDATE: Sold out]

Still looking for that Xbox One console bundle? You can now grab a 500Gb Xbox One console bundled with Gears of War: Ultimate Edition for just £208.59 from Amazon’s Warehouse. It’s listed as follows: “Item is in original, pristine packaging. Small scratches on top of item (less than 0.6 cm. x 0.6 cm.). Small scratches on sides of item (less than 0.6 cm. x 0.6 cm.).” Sounds unused to us and we’d forgive a few tiny scratches seeing as a brand new version of the bundle is about £260.

Picking up Gears in this bundle also grabs you a spot in the upcoming Gears of War 4 beta. Prices correct at ttme of writing.

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